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B2B Growth Hub's energy and resources strategy consulting teams help energy companies optimize their value today and reshape their businesses to meet the energy demands of tomorrow. The experts at B2B Growth Hub help your business thrive with the latest t

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.What B2B Growth Hub energy and resources strategy consulting teams can do for you

In the transition from yesterday's carbon-rich business model to a sustainable energy future, B2B Growth Hub's energy and resources strategy consulting teams help energy companies maximize their value. Company leaders are evaluating the risks and opportunities presented by the changing consumer demands, new technologies, and geopolitical unrest. Many companies want to know how to create a winning position in their market. In addition to helping find these answers, B2B Growth Hub energy strategists can also assist with implementing them.

There is an urgency, opportunity, and challenge associated with the current energy transition across the globe. Energy transition is driven by renewables gaining a greater share of the energy mix, electrification, and energy storage improvements. Governments are increasingly committed to decarbonizing, but investors will prioritize ESG factors as the energy transition continues to increase in importance.

There are a lot of opportunities. However, achieving gains requires overcoming challenges. In order to meet energy demands in an affordable and reliable way while also achieving climate goals, policymakers, investors, and companies are faced with tough decisions. A new layer of complexity is being added by geopolitical uncertainty, which has forced energy security (i.e. energy supply) to be a priority. It is necessary to develop new technologies to address hard-to-electrify areas and/or reduce emissions. Changing needs and expectations are making consumers more demanding. In addition to new fuel opportunities, the adoption of electric vehicles will create a replacement market as well as a market for second-life batteries. A cost-effective way to integrate renewable energy will be to digitize the networks.

How can mining and metals companies, oil and gas companies, and power and utility companies reshape their businesses for the future while simultaneously managing short- and long-term stressors, such as new technology requirements, digitization demands, geopolitics, and the demand for short-term gains? We are here to help you with your energy strategy at B2B Growth Hub.

In addition to deep expertise in new energy sources, regulatory environments, and innovative technologies, B2B Growth Hub's energy and resources strategy consulting teams offer state-of-the-art digitization. To optimize M&A portfolio strategies and subsequent integration plans, we combine this expertise with solid investment and capital deployment opportunities. We are focused on:


Mining and metals +

Using state-of-the-art technology, we increase business value and agility (less time, cost, disruption), such as increasing operational productivity through improved data collection methods, generating cash through scenario modeling, allowing users to access their systems from anywhere and anytime, and optimizing existing technology to maximize value. As the clean energy transition continues to gain traction, B2B Growth Hub's energy strategy aims to assist you in delivering a greater amount of metals and minerals to satisfy existing demand.

Oil and gas

A volatile market, changing regulations, and high capital costs require technological development and operational efficiency. A B2B Growth Hub energy strategy team helps companies transform into digitally enabled, process-focused, high-return organizations through the use of latest technology. Increasing complexity and diversification of your business require us to help you balance investments.

Power and Utilities

A shift to renewable energy and distributed generation poses a huge challenge to this sector: a rapid and low-cost digitisation of all networks is needed. This business also faces challenges from aging infrastructure, cyber threats, and urgent repairs. We specialize in implementing the industry's best practices to improve margins for power and utility companies. As part of our deal-making and post-deal integration services, we have extensive knowledge and experience in the M&A sector.


With the latest data, broad knowledge, and extensive industry experience, B2B Growth Hub energy strategy consulting teams guide clients through the energy transition process. Creating and accelerating bespoke business solutions is what we aim to do for you. Developing a financially compelling future-led energy strategy across the entire enterprise requires reimagining your ecosystems. Taking advantage of opportunities today means delivering long-term value to your business tomorrow.

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The first step is to identify your top challenges and barriers to progress, and then decide what needs to be done in order to make your business more successful. In order to increase sales and achieve your goals, we analyze the challenges you face and the barriers you face. To define the blueprint for the overall game plan, we put processes, plans, and people in place in alignment with the right strategies. To make your business 'sell more' and achieve your goals, all you need to do is connect the strategies with effective tactics to support the strategies with a well-defined action plan and second-to-none tools to help you achieve the tasks outlined by the under the stage. That's because everything starts with recognising your core challenges and barriers.


We begin a rapid integration program to integrate with your team. An action plan and tangible initiatives are developed as part of the rapid integration program. Step-by-step, concrete actions that drive results and action are implemented to develop a proof of concept for change.


As we build on the initial activities, we add horsepower to your business by providing you with a team of experts that will help you implement processes and actions to drive rigor and rhythm to your operations. In every growth programme, our ultimate goal is to ensure progress and momentum by helping business leaders feel comfortable managing, sustaining and continuing initial progress on their own.


After we establish our working relationship beyond the initial period, our growth programmes will focus on providing support to help you reach the next level of success. Taking your business to the next level involves implementing long-term strategies to help your business reach any goals you may have. To help your business reach the necessary level to achieve whatever goals you set, we provide growth programmes that provide strategies to help you achieve the results you desire.

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